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Peach flowers bloom for Tet

HA NOI — With only less than three weeks to go to the Tet holiday, gardeners in Ha Noi’s Nhat Tan and Phu Thuong flower villages are doing the final pruning on their peach blossom trees as this year’s favourable weather conditions have ensured blossoms at just the right time. (more…)


Vietnam’s most challenging foods

To much of the world they’re pests to be exterminated or animal parts to be thrown out; in Vietnam they all go into the cooking pot.

There is a local Vietnamese saying that when a man encounters a new animal, his first question is: “Is it dangerous?” and the second question is: “Is it edible?”

The Vietnamese are adventurous eaters, and they’re not afraid to eat the whole animal, blood, guts and all. Here are six Vietnamese dishes to chew over. (more…)