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Hue Festival 2012 “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development – The Rendezvous for Historical Cities”


Hue Festival 2012, the international event being held for its seventh edition in Thua Thien Hue Province is set as the highlight for the National Tourism Year 2012. It is also to commemorate the 325th anniversary of Phu Xuan (Hue) when it was chosen as the capital of “Dang Trong” (the southern region of Vietnam) by Lord Nguyen Phuc Thai, and later as the country’s capital under the Tay Son Dynasty and the Nguyen Dynasty. (more…)


Huong pagoda Festival – spiritual time

The beautiful verse describes scenic spot of Huong Pagoda, designated by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site, which makes one can’t help having the feeling that is one were lost in a world offairies. Huong Son attracts visitors not only with its wonderful landscape, but also with its sense of philosophy embodied inside its splendid caves, of which Huong Tich and Tuyet Son are the most impressive. (more…)